2014 NJFEA Students of the Month

January 2014 Student of the Month

imagecroppedName:  I’Triyana Davis
School:  University High School
Grade Level Interested in Teaching:  Early Childhood Education (k-4)

About I’Triyana Davis:

I’Triyana worked with a daycare on Hawthorne Avenue, where the children were very energetic and well behaved.  She also volunteered at a cheerleading camp with children ages 5-15 years. The experience was great and she liked the idea of working with them and teaching them new cheers; she liked being their coach.

I’Triyana also volunteered at her grandmother’s camp in East Orange over the summer.  She helped with activities, morning exercises, afternoon swimming, and many other activities.

In school, I’Triyana has been a member of the F.E.A. club since sophomore year.  She has enjoyed the experiences with the children that she works with and teaches each year. I’Triyana also helped several teachers at her school by running errands, printing a worksheets, etc.

“Most people might say they just like to be with kids all day, well I don’t.  I love the energy children always have; that energy keeps me on my toes and always has me interacting in a different way. Children are my inspiration, and the very thought of being one of the people in their lives to make a difference means more than words can explain.  Children are the future, as they say; they have the power to make a difference.  I feel, if I am one of the people helping and guiding them, then in some way I am also making a difference in the world.”